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Higher Education in Prison KPI Framework

Higher Education in Prison (HEP) KPI Framework is a multi-year research initiative that produced a comprehensive set of key performance indicators to detail the broad array of HEP outcomes.

In July 2018, the Institute for Higher Education Policy (IHEP) launched a research initiative to develop a Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) framework to help Higher Education in Prison (HEP) practitioners assess the impact of programs and processes. The final framework was informed by an advisory council composed of HEP practitioners, researchers, and advocates, informed by people directly impacted by the justice system committed to developing a common set of indicators that detail the impact of postsecondary education on re-entry outcomes.

Members of the advisory council brought different perspectives related to postsecondary eligibility, corrections, custody, learning outcomes, career preparation, and credential attainment. Each served as a thought partner as IHEP researchers explored the significance of metrics and measures of quality. Convening such diverse perspectives enables historically-siloed fields to work collectively toward establishing robust standards of practice.

IHEP KPI Advisory Council included:


Assessing the Impact and Importance of Higher Education in Prison

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