The Institute for Higher Education Policy is celebrating 30 years of promoting access and success in higher education for all students with a focus on students from low-income backgrounds and others historically marginalized on the basis of race, background, or circumstance. We are a nonpartisan nonprofit research, policy and advocacy organization.

Degree Completion Barriers in Justice and Education Data & Transparency Affordability & Need-Based Aid
IHEP promotes opportunity through

Degree Completion

Higher education can be a pathway to economic security, social mobility, and society-wide value – but only if the student completes their degree.

IHEP promotes opportunity through

Barriers in Justice and Education

Nearly 94 percent of adults incarcerated in the United States do not have a postsecondary degree.

IHEP promotes opportunity through

Data & Transparency

Our system of higher education is data-rich but information-poor.

IHEP promotes opportunity through

Affordability & Need-Based Aid

Need-based aid does more than make college more affordable – it makes college possible.