About IHEP

About IHEP

The Institute for Higher Education Policy (IHEP) is a nonpartisan, nonprofit research, policy, and advocacy organization committed to promoting postsecondary access and success for all students, regardless of race, background, or circumstance. Founded in 1993, IHEP has provided timely, evidence-based, and student-centered research to inform policy decisions and address our nation’s most pressing higher education challenges for the past 30 years.

Our Team

Our team includes some of the most respected professionals in the fields of public policy and research, as well as finance, government affairs, communications and operations. We envision a society in which all people, regardless of race, background, or circumstance, have the opportunity to reach their full potential by participating and succeeding in higher education. Together, we are driving systemic change to advance equitable outcomes and generational impact. 

Our Values

Equity - We connect with, prioritize, and include historically marginalized communities at the center of our work. We intentionally address systemic biases while continually working to understand the intersectional effects of systems of oppression and how we can dismantle them.
Rigor - We have high standards and expectations for the quality of our work, the impact we want to have, and each other. We are ambitious and fiercely determined to achieve IHEP's mission.
Collaboration - We build partnerships, bridges, and coalitions with organizations and policymakers to advance our mission and impact. We provide feedback, seek input, and build relationships with each other.
Growth-Minded - We remain on the cutting-edge of our field by seeking new knowledge, trends, and research. We ask questions, are open to learning, and seek continuously to improve.
People-First Culture - We embrace a kind but firm approach to advancing our mission and how we engage with our external partners. We celebrate and support authenticity, wellness, and work-life balance and we trust in each other.