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Degrees When Due Case Study: Bowling Green State University

Published Feb 2022
focus area Evidence-Based Completion

Situated in the northwestern corner of Ohio, Bowling Green State University (BGSU) is reengaging adult students with “some college, but no degree” (SCND), promoting equitable attainment, and improving students’ workforce outcomes. BGSU is a residential four-year university with a vibrant campus culture, NCAA Athletics, and over 200 undergraduate and graduate programs across eight academic colleges. The university has also distinguished itself through the creation of programs and policies that serve veterans and active-duty service members as well as the surrounding community.

After joining the second cohort of IHEP’s Degree When Due, BGSU has aligned degree reclamation with existing institutional goals and secured and used data to support credit flexibility.

This case study about BGSU, offers insights into how, even with limited resources amidst a global pandemic, an institution of higher education can integrate a data-informed degree completion effort.