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Equity Planning System

The Equity Planning System is both an innovative tool and student-centered process for members of the postsecondary community to identify and close equity gaps in their programmatic, field-facing work.

Leaders throughout the field of higher education recognize the role of programmatic practices in achieving equitable outcomes in higher education. But identifying gaps and determining the best path forward to close them and realize equity goals at scale can be challenging.

The Equity Planning System addresses those challenges and guides action for organizations that are ready to work at scale. Both an innovative tool and student-centered process, this system is designed for institutional leaders, higher education practitioners, organizations involved in the advancement of equity for today’s students, and other affiliates who are posed to engage in this process deliberately and authentically.

The system guides participants through answering a series of critical questions in order to put the idea of equity into action.

The Equity Planning System includes an intuitively designed three-part curriculum:

  • EQUITY ASSESSMENT: Helps teams understand key factors influencing equity initiatives.
  • COLLABORATIVE WORKSHOPS: Engage teams through live online collaboration experiences designed to generate and focus ideas for advancing equity initiatives.
  • IMPLEMENTATION COACHING: Support team-driven problem solving and innovation activities.

The Equity Planning System helps participants sharpen their organizational definition of equity and support their target populations to drive more deliberate, equity-centered action with results.

For more information about the Equity Planning System contact equityplanning@ihep.org