The Institute for Higher Education Policy is committed to improving college access and success in higher education for all students—with a special focus on underserved populations—by providing timely research to inform public policy decisions.

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National Policy Summit: Redefining Access for the 21st Century Student

Dec. 3, 2013

The National Policy Summit is a signature IHEP event that brings together critical stakeholders—policymakers, institutional decision makers, business leaders, and other influential individuals whose reach extends across and beyond the postsecondary community—to foster policy and practice solutions in support of increased access and success. This event is INVITATION ONLY.

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Given the new ways students move among institutions, navigation points within and across institutions must be transparent for them to successfully participate in higher education and reach their educational goals.

—Lacey H. Leegwater, Director of Planning and Special Projects

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Blurring Boundaries: Transforming Place, Policies, and Partnerships for Postsecondary Education Attainment in Metropolitan Areas

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This report, Blurring Boundaries: Transforming Place, Policies, and Partnerships for Postsecondary Education Attainment in Metropolitan Areas, examines efforts to improve educational attainment rates in select metropolitan statistical areas by considering policies that either inhibit or facilitate degree production, and identifying metropolitan-level, cross-sector collaborations that help local leaders contribute to national completion goals. Through five case studies, the report also presents a set of recommendations for policymakers and community leaders as they consider resources, programs, and policies for raising attainment.

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Mapping the Postsecondary Data Domain: Problems and Possibilities

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The paper, Mapping the Postsecondary Data Domain: Problems and Possibilities, along with its accompanying technical report, outlines how existing national data sets can be amended, added to, or linked together. Reviewing recent developments in the field—from voluntary data initiatives to state report cards and dashboards to the federal College Scorecard—the paper identifies a core set of measures across these efforts aimed at answering key questions.

Click here to read Mapping the Postsecondary Data Domain, and here to read the accompanying technical report.

Visit IHEP's Postsecondary Data section for more information and resources.

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