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Weighing Perceptions Against Realities of Going to College

Published Nov 08, 2023

By Jessica Blake, Inside Higher Ed

A new report from the Art & Science Group, released Tuesday and based on a national poll of almost 4,000 high school seniors, found that students heavily consider the cost of attendance, but factors such as the perceived student experience at a particular college also play a role in where they attend.

“Students deserve clear information about the college experience to make informed decisions about the institutions and programs that are right for them … Students also need clear information about available aid including need-based aid and grants to inform their decisions,” Diane Cheng, vice president of research and policy at the Institute for Higher Education Policy, said in an email.

She said the poll data are consistent with earlier IHEP research indicating that “financial aid letters signal to students whether and where to pursue higher education.” Cheng and others noted that new regulations on college cost transparency established by the U.S. Department of Education will provide students more clarity on the full costs of college. The Financial Value Transparency framework is scheduled to go into effect next July.

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