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Want to Research Equitable Postsecondary Value? Submit a proposal to IHEP.

IHEP is currently seeking proposals for research papers exploring the equitable delivery of postsecondary value, using students’ economic outcomes data available through the Postsecondary Value Commission’s Equitable Value Explorer (EVE).   Postsecondary Value Framework Pipeline to Equitable Value Equitable Access -> Equitable Affordability -> Equitable Support -> Equitable Completion -> Equitable Earnings -> Equitable Wealth

In 2021, the IHEP-managed Postsecondary Value Commission released the Postsecondary Value Framework (PVF), outlining the clear value-add postsecondary education provides students and society, in both economic and non-economic terms. The EVE’s web-based interface allows users to analyze how institutions perform on the framework’s economic value thresholds. The EVE also includes the latest College Scorecard earnings outcomes data.

Successful proposals will leverage data shown in the EVE to answer research questions addressing the equitable delivery of postsecondary value. All proposals should explicitly center equity in the research questions and methodologies. Researchers are encouraged to think creatively and explore research questions that would be beneficial to federal, state, or institutional decisionmakers seeking to improve the equitable delivery of postsecondary value.  

Selected researchers will author and publish 10-20 page written reports or briefs based on the findings from original data analysis and synthesis. Authors will also produce a 1-2 page executive summary that highlights key findings from their research in a clear, broadly accessible manner. IHEP will provide feedback to authors throughout the research process, and serve as a resource on the components of the PVF, including the threshold definitions and insights on data and methodologies included in the EVE.  

Proposals are due to IHEP by 5:00 pm PT on Friday, June 30, 2023. Please contact the IHEP team with questions and to submit proposals (   

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