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IHEP Launches New “College Access and Success” Web Site Featuring Expanded Online Tools and Research Library

Published May 13, 2014

Washington, D.C., Feb. 23, 2010—The Pathways to College Network, a program of the Institute for Higher Education Policy (IHEP), recently unveiled its newly redesigned Web site,, to provide easy access to help improve college access and success for underserved students such as minorities, first-generation, and those from low-income backgrounds. The improved site now features new information and resourceful tools to support practitioners, policymakers, and researchers focusing on key issues such as college access and success, financial aid and affordability, and preparation and support.

New Pathways to College Network Web Site Features

In addition to unique resources relevant to college access and success programs, the new Web site supports the following three online libraries to include over 2,000 research studies and an expanded set of online tools:

Research Libraries

  • Pathways to College Network Online Library: A comprehensive, searchable database of publications, research reports, Web sites, and other relevant resources related to improving college access and success for underserved students.
  • College Planning Resources: A directory of resources for counselors, teachers, mentors, and families to use in helping middle and high school students plan and prepare for college.
  • College Access and Success State Data: A compilation of links to the many state-specific resources intended for use by researchers, policy analysts, and practitioners to facilitate the development of a complete picture of the pathway to and through college.

Enhanced Online Tools

  • College Access Marketing: A step-by-step resource—managed by the Southern Regional Education Board—providing information to organizations and groups interested in developing effective marketing techniques to increase college participation.
  • College Readiness for All Toolbox: Comprehensive tools and related resources offering school leaders and technical assistance providers with support to plan, organize, and implement secondary school redesign efforts.
  • National College Access Program Directory: An online resource—managed by the National College Access Network—targeting students, parents, counselors, researchers, and college access programs to identify and locate services or programs within a region, state, or locality.
  • State Policy Inventory Database Online: A searchable inventory—managed by the Western Interstate Commission for Higher Education—featuring state-level policies and resources in 11 policy domains related to student achievement and access and success in higher education.

"Through this new Web site, we've done our best to support individuals and organizations working passionately on college access and success issues," said IHEP President Michelle Asha, Ph.D. "Our goal was to revamp this site to provide this audience with an invaluable resource and online experience to help increase educational opportunities for historically underserved students."

Pathways to College Network is an alliance of national organizations that advances college opportunity for underserved students by raising public awareness, supporting innovative research, and promoting evidence-based policies and practices across the K-12 and higher education sectors. It promotes the use of research-based policies and practices, the development of new research that is both rigorous and actionable, and the alignment of efforts across middle school, high school, and higher education in order to promote college access and success for underserved students.

For more information about the new Pathways to College Network Web site, visit  For more information about IHEP and its other programmatic efforts helping to increase college access and success for historically underserved student populations, visit the organization’s Web site at