PostsecData Working Group Releases Principles to Inform Postsecondary Data Policies

Published Mar 26, 2015

by: IHEP and the PostsecData Working Group

On Wednesday, IHEP and members of the PostsecData Working Group, a diverse set of organizations committed to high-quality postsecondary data, released a list of principles to inform postsecondary data policy. These principles will help Congress and the Administration tackle some of today’s most pressing postsecondary challenges, such as:

  • Empowering consumers with valuable information,
  • Improving financial aid programs,
  • Stewarding federal investment in colleges and universities,
  • Ensuring that states have the information they need to steer their own education policies, and
  • Providing institutions with the data they need to guide effective practice.

We hope these principles will inform federal policy, including, but not limited to, the next generation of the Higher Education Act and
the emerging college ratings system, and that policymakers will recognize that effective data use can support student success, identify and shrink opportunity and achievement gaps, promote efficiencies, and enhance learning and employability.

View the PDF to read the list of principles.