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Postsecondary Data Collaborative (PostsecData)

The Postsecondary Data Collaborative is an IHEP-led coalition of diverse organizations that recognize the power of high-quality data to ensure equitable access and success in higher education.

Better known as “PostsecData,” the coalition advocates for high-quality postsecondary data to support students and families, inform federal, state, and institutional policies, and help college administrators and faculty. PostsecData members jointly advocate for high-quality data, recognizing that thoughtful use of higher education data has the power to:

  • Promote student success. College administrators and faculty can use data to encourage learning, retention, completion, and successful post-college outcomes.
  • Evaluate and inform federal, state, and institutional policies. With better data, decision-makers can assess public resources and target them to the postsecondary system’s needs, with a focus on institutional improvement.
  • Empower college choices. Students and families can use data to make educated decisions about where to attend college, how to pay for it, and what to study.

To learn more and view research and analyses, visit the Postsec Data website.