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Global Policy Fellows Program


For more than two years, the IHEP Global Policy Fellows worked to share ideas, tools, and techniques in collaborative settings designed specifically for their programmatic experience. Based on their shared experiences, they developed higher education policy models within their own countries, solicited feedback from their colleagues, and disseminated those policies even after the end of the program.

Individual fellows are listed by country, with affiliations at the time of participation:

  • Brazil—Denilde Oliveira Holzhacker, Sao Marcos University and Eufrasio Farias Prates, UPIS
  • Mongolia—Batjargal Batkhuyag, Mongolian Education Alliance; Khishigbuyan Dayan-Ochir, Ministry of Education; and Munkh-Erdene Lkhamsuren, National University of Mongolia
  • The Netherlands—Leon Cremonini, Center for Higher Education Policy Studies and Demet Yazilitas, University of Twente
  • South Africa—Riedwaan Kimmie, UNITE/University of KwaZulu-Natal and Mankolo Xaverine Mfusi, Freshe Office Solutions
  • Ukraine—Alexander Belyakov, Foundation for Local Democracy and European Integration of Yuri Panejko; Olena Chornoivan, Consortium of Pedagogical Academy and Kirovograd Institute of Commerce; Nataliya Dromina-Voloc, Kyiv University of Law and Economics; and Yaroslav Prytula, Lviv Ivan Franko National University
  • United States—Michael N. Bastedo, University of Michigan; Michelle Asha Cooper, Advisory Committee on Student Financial Assistance and IHEP; and Jennifer Rippner Buck, EducationCounsel LLC

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