Exploring College Rankings Measures, 2016 Update

Published Dec 16, 2016

by: Amanda Janice Roberson and India Heckstall

Given that college rankings have continued to grow in quantity and scope, IHEP is releasing an updated comparison of five college rankings. Some publications include multiple rankings lists, focusing on specific categories of schools (i.e., research universities, liberal arts colleges) or specific topics of interest (i.e., greatest value for the money, commitment to access for low-income students). Each set of rankings has a unique audience and uses different criteria and measures to evaluate and compare institutional characteristics and performance.

This updated memo compares the measures and criteria for five college rankings publications:

We plan to update this document as rankings systems make methodological or data element changes, and as new rankings lists emerge. To see the 2014 version of this memo, click here.

View the PDF to read the full analysis and see how the rankings compare.