News & Events / Webinar: Lumina MSI-Models of Success Initiative: Doing More with Less

Webinar: Lumina MSI-Models of Success Initiative: Doing More with Less


How Minority-Serving Institutions Can Maximize Resources and Implement Cost-Effective Strategies 

In  June 2013, the Lumina MSI-Models of Success—a national, data-driven initiative directed by the Institute for Higher Education Policy, in partnership with Lumina Foundation, hosted a 90-minute webinar in order to illuminate creative strategies to address funding challenges that come from the Lumina MSI-Models of Success grantees and other leading MSIs.

Main topics of this webinar include: 

  • Implementing low-cost and cost-effective strategies by highlighting institutional policies and practices that have improved student outcomes that are either: Not costly to implement; necessitate a more efficient use of limited state and institutional funds; or provide creative solutions to financial realities 
  • Maximizing resources, not just financial, toward success: Focusing on how institutional leaders align all of their resources—student, faculty, staff, institutional space, and online capacity—toward student progression and completion
  • Mobilizing fellow higher education institutions to increase student success by highlighting evidence-based practices that can be replicated and brought to scale in cost-effective ways 


  • Carrie L. Billy, J.D., President & CEO, American Indian Higher Education Consortium 
  • Brian K. Bridges, Ph.D., Executive Director, Patterson Research Institute, United Negro College Fund 
  • Marybeth Gasman, Ph.D., Professor, University of Pennsylvania  (Moderator)
  • James T. Minor, Ph.D., Director of Higher Education Programs, Southern Education Foundation 


  • Donna Ekal Ph.D., Associate Provost, Office of Undergraduate Studies, University of Texas El Paso 
  • Bernice Duffy Johnson, Ph.D., Associate Provost and Associate Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs, North Carolina Central University 
  • Stacey Sherwin, Ph.D., R.N., Director of Institutional Effectiveness, Salish Kootenai College 
  • Rowena Tomaneng, Associate Vice President for Instruction, De Anza College 

The issues, strategies and research discussed in the webinar are also available in a brief released following the event.

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