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Karen Bussey

Project Manager of Research and Special Initiatives

Karen Bussey was the project manager for research and special initiatives at the Institute for Higher Education Policy (IHEP), where she is a member of the policy research team. Her research at IHEP includes using data to inform policy and practice; college access and affordability; and federal higher education policy.

Karen is also a doctoral student in the Higher Education Leadership and Policy Studies program at Howard University. Her doctoral studies examine the history, role, and influence of Historically Black Colleges and Universities in higher education. Prior to joining IHEP, Karen was the Assistant Director of Campus Life and Leadership at Jackson State University and has served in other various capacities as a student affairs professional throughout her career. Karen was influential in implementing the 2014 Ignite Program grant at the University of West Georgia to increase enrollment and retention strategies for academically underprepared students and the 2015 First Year Retention-Student Transition (FYRST) grant at Indiana University Southeast to support first-generation students. Her work aims to promote access, persistence, and inclusive experiences for underrepresented students in higher education.

Karen earned a Master of Education in professional counseling with a concentration in student affairs from the University of West Georgia. She holds a Bachelor of Science in marketing from South Carolina State University.