National Coalition for College Completion

The National Coalition for College Completion (NCCC) is a group of organizations representing business, civil rights, social services, students and youth advocacy. The goal of NCCC is to mobilize a diverse, non-partisan voice in support of college completion that speaks for the collective interests of the American public by demanding a policy agenda that encourages higher education institutions to provide better support to underrepresented students; namely, those from low-income, racial/ethnic minority, and first-generation-to-college backgrounds. NCCC’s goals will be achieved through the guidance of five driving principles: affordability, career readiness, equity, transformation, and quality.

All NCCC partners have exercised strong leadership in the areas of education and/or workforce readiness and are committed to the goal of college completion as a key priority for our nation. With support from the Ford Foundation, Lumina Foundation for Education, and Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, NCCC seeks to increase public and political will for this agenda—at the national, regional, and state levels—as well as leverage changes in policy and practice that are needed to make successful college completion a possibility for all Americans.

NCCC officially launched in June 2011.