PolicyDirect is a searchable, one-stop, easy-to-use resource for quality summaries of leading-edge postsecondary education research for a policy-focused audience. Given the need for timely, trusted information on postsecondary success, IHEP and Lumina Foundation have joined forces to find ways to more directly connect the research and policy communities using this resource. This tool will help users identify and disseminate evidence-based practices that address some of today’s most pressing higher education issues, including financial aid, student learning outcomes, academic preparation and productivity.

PolicyDirect contains summaries of peer-reviewed articles and key studies designed for anyone interested in higher education issues: Policymakers, higher education organizations, practitioners, the media, researchers and the greater philanthropic community.

Visit the PolicyDirect Web site at www.policydirect.org.

For more information about PolicyDirect, send an e-mail to policydirect@ihep.org.