Ranking Systems Clearinghouse

Ranking of higher education institutions is now one of the most debated issues in higher education, emerging as a major force in the dialogue about higher education’s role and impact on students and society. These efforts to rank and order what higher education does are popular and clearly here to stay. Currently, over 30 different nations now have some form of ranking that is regularly published, with more being added each year. In addition, international ranking systems have emerged to compare institutions across countries.

The Institute for Higher Education Policy’s (IHEP) Ranking Systems Clearinghouse provides a road map of this complex rankings landscape, offering annotated links to these national and international ranking systems and to research about rankings world-wide. It is an outgrowth of ongoing international efforts by IHEP, UNESCO-European Centre for Higher Education (UNESCO-CEPES), and the International Rankings Expert Group (IREG) to make rankings transparent and applicable for current higher education dialogue and for all engaged in this work to learn from each others experience. The Clearinghouse is funded by Lumina Foundation for Education as part of a larger IHEP initiative to understand how rankings impact decision-making at the institutional and policy levels, the New Agenda for College and University Rankings.

As the rankings landscape continues to change across the world, IHEP's Ranking Systems Clearinghouse will reflect those changes with additional resources. To submit resources to the Clearinghouse or discuss current postings, contact IHEP Director of Programs and Planning Lacey H. Leegwater.

Ranking Systems Clearinghouse Resources